AD Life Vitamin + Whole Food MultiVitamin

Why choose Project AD Life Vitamin+

The multivitamin market was long overdue a dressing down. With Vitamin +, it got the makeover athletes truly needed.

Completely natural & free-from synthetics, Vitamin+ infuses your body with 78 naturally-occurring vitamins & minerals to supercharge health. These are all derived from vegetables, fruit and whole foods, without any added caffeine or fillers meaning this is a fully vegan product.

Why choose this multivitamin?

Vitamin+ empowers its users with an ‘Adaptogenic Mushroom Complex’ to strengthen immunity and boost overall wellness.

In a first for the multivitamin sector, Vitamin+ is also a completely vegan-friendly formula. Considering it contains 100% of the RDA of B12 & a plant-derived source of EPA/DHA, you start to get a handle on the innovation involved in this revolutionary product.

Health-conscious athletes deserve a multivitamin that amplifies their wellness and doesn’t diminish it. With Vitamin+, they’ve got what they deserve.

What are the key features of Project AD’s Multivitamin?

•Contains ZERO Synthetic Vitamins
•78 naturally occurring minerals
•Natural, Vegan and Non-GMO
•High Omega3 content
•Contains an Adaptogenic Mushroom Complex

CSN’s Review

Vitamin+ is not your average multivitamin. In another saturated marketplace, we wanted to provide a premium solution. Making it completely vegan-friendly and free-from synthetic vitamins is a powerful starting point, but the inclusion of plant-derived EPA/DHA is a genuine game-changer. Project AD also fortified the product with an adaptogenic mushroom complex to boost immunity and overall wellness. CSN genuinely believe they’ve got the balance right of the perfect whole food blend of fruits and vegetables to optimise the serious athlete’s wellness.


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