Each TriChamber has 3 Amazing Flavors in 1 Container! Never get flavor fatigue again!

The OG

The three original soda-inspired flavors of VICE, retooled and reloaded, juiced up with an extra 25mg of caffeine per scoop. Housed in their own separate compartments in a single, revolutionary patent-pending orange and white GCode container that is truly a work of art and engineering. Grindin’ Grape, Legend Lime and Cherry Swola. 45 powerful, effective and absolutely mouth-watering scoops per TriChamber. The future is now.

The New Era

A new trinity of incredible VICE flavors now inhabit the most forward-thinking and audacious packaging in the industry. Bangin’ Black Cherry, Pina Colada Crush and Lemon Italian Vice. Potent, packed with power and lip-smackingly refreshing, the New Era VICE TriChamber ushers in a new era in pre-workout performance products.

  • 15 Servings Per Flavor (45 Servings Total)
  • Delicious, Moth-Watering Flavors
  • Clean Energy
  • Power & Endurance
  • Insane Pumps
  • No Proprietary Blends
  • No Artificial Coloring



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The OG, The New Era